Corporate Governance

The management and supervisory board believe that by observing the regulations under the stock corporation law concerning the management and monitoring of the company proper corporate governance is implemented.

In view of the size and market capitalisation of the company and in view of the fact that the company does not have any own staff the implementation of the rules would involve an inappropriate amount of time and costs for the company which bear no relation to the benefit.

The supervisory and management board of Deutsche Real Estate Aktiengesellschaft, therefore, declare in accordance with Sec. 161 of the stock corporation law that the recommendations of the government commission German Corporate Governance Code will in future not be applied. However, this does not mean that the company’s business practices will necessarily diverge from the recommendations of the code.

German Corporate Governance Kodex

The code is essentially based on the statutory regulations that apply to the management and monitoring of German listed companies and, furthermore, comprises recommendations and suggestions that meet internationally and nationally recognised standards for good and responsible corporate governance.

German Corporate Governance Kodex
Dec 2, 2022 German, PDF-File 5.15MB
Corporate Governance Kodex archive

Compliance Statement

Compliance Statement on the German Corporate Governance Code
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Statutes of Deutsche Real Estate Aktiengesellschaft
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Declaration on Corporate Governance

Declaration on Corporate Governance March 2023
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Remuneration of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board

Remuneration system for the members of the Board of Management May 2021
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Remuneration system for the members of the Supervisory Board May 2021
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Remuneration Reports

Remuneration Report 2022
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