Purchase criteria

Deutsche Real Estate Aktiengesellschaft is looking to add high-quality commercial property, in particular, properties that meet the following criteria to its portfolio:

  • Type of Property: Commercial property (office and administrative premises, industrial parks, modern logistics)
  • Location – big cities (above 100T), good micro location
  • Yield – preferred above 6.5%
  • Low capital Value
  • Stability of income – Multi tenants, quality of the tenants, rent on the market level or below
  • Upside potential
  • No Contamination
  • No Shared holding
  • No Leaseholds
  • Volume: up 10 M Euro, up 10000m² for logistic use, up 6000 m² for Office use

Information necessary for the initial consideration of the property:

  • Complete address
  • Site plan
  • List of tenants (incl. information on lease terms, surface, net basic rent)
  • Construction year
  • Photos of the property
  • Floor plans

We would like to point out that these purchase criteria do not represent an offer for the conclusion of a brokerage agreement. We consider each of your written real estate proposals as an offer to conclude a brokerage agreement which, however, only enters into force with our acceptance of the offer on a case by case basis.