Annual general meeting 2021

Our annual general meeting of shareholders was held on Wednesday, June 17th, 2020 as virtual general meeting without physical presence.

In the following please find further information on the annual general meeting:

Invitation with agenda for the AGM on 17/06/2020
German, PDF-File 218.26 KB
Explanations to the virtual Annual General meeting for Shareholders
German, PDF-File 150.35 KB
Annual Accounts of the AG for the Fiscal Year 2020
German, PDF-File 255.68 KB
Annual Report 2020 (consolidated report including the management and consolidated management report summarised in one report and the report by the supervisory board)
German, PDF-File 681.10 KB
Proposal by the Management Board on the Appropriations of Profits
German, PDF-File 203.54 KB
Authorization and issuing instructions to the Company proxies
German, PDF-File 131.44 KB